Emerging Tech

Scientists discovered 20 new moons around Saturn, and you can help name them

An artist’s conception of the 20 newly discovered moons orbiting Saturn. These discoveries bring the planet’s total moon count to 82, surpassing Jupiter for the most in our solar system. Illustration is courtesy of the Carnegie Institution for Science. Saturn image is courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute. Starry background courtesy of Paolo Sartorio/Shutterstock. Astronomers using […]

Emerging Tech

Facial recognition tech could help unlock secrets of dark matter in the universe

Could the same technology that is used to unlock people’s smartphones also help unlock the potential secrets of the universe? It may sound unlikely, but that’s exactly what researchers from Switzerland’s science and technology-focused university ETH Zurich are working to achieve. Using a variation of the type of artificial intelligence neural network that is behind […]


Team Rubicon is revolutionizing disaster response. Microsoft wants to help

In 2018, natural disasters ran amok. Deadly tsunamis battered Indonesia. Destructive hurricanes walloped the south. Wildfires, once seasonal in California, engulfed the state, leaving more than 1,650,000 acres of scorched earth in their wake and resulting in a cool $ 16.5 billion worth of damage. This year hasn’t proved much better. Heavy rains and tornadoes […]