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Does a steam-powered spacecraft hold the key to exploring the solar system?

Over 19,000 known asteroids carrying an almost inconceivable wealth of resources are within our reach as they orbit the sun. They’re packed with elements like platinum, gold, palladium, and silver — untouched riches locked safely inside celestial treasure chests. Ryugu, a half-mile wide asteroid that poses a potential risk to Earth due to the proximity […]

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'Captain Marvel' could hold the answers to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after 'Avengers 4'

Marvel Comics“Secret Invasion” #1 New details and images from “Captain Marvel” suggest that the movie holds the answer to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after “Avengers 4.” The movie introduces the shape-shifting alien Skrulls, who invade Earth in the comics by posing as many popular characters. It also teases another superhero who could […]


Magic Leap will hold a dev conference in October — should you care?

Magic Leap apparently doesn’t think it’s too early to hold its first developer’s conference, complete with “a live-streamed keynote, more partnership announcements and plenty of demos on stage.” The company shared the news today with Engadget, which says that the conference is scheduled for October 9-10 in Los Angeles, with registration opening soon. For reasons I couldn’t initially explain, […]