Marxent raises $15 million to expand an enterprise 3D home design platform

How open banking is driving huge innovation Learn how fintechs and forward-thinking FIs are accelerating personalized financial products through data-rich APIs. Register Now The technology required to digitally recreate and furnish real rooms in 3D is considerably more complicated under the hood than it appears to end users, and it’s even trickier to import an […]

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Bungie asks lapsed ‘Destiny’ players to ‘come back home’ after split from Activision

As Bungie looks beyond “Destiny” toward new projects, it helps to remember the “secret behind every Bungie game, past present and future,” said CEO Pete Parsons. “There’s three things, all you need to know. First, it’s a place you want to spent time in,” Parsons told The Washington Post. “Second, it’s filled with a bunch […]


Boston Dynamics will ship Spot with a robot arm ‘in a few months’ and for home use ‘someday’

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert today shared what’s next for Spot, the company’s quadruped robot that can climb stairs and traverse rough terrain. In a few months, Boston Dynamics will start selling Spot with a robot arm to businesses interested in mobile manipulation systems. And eventually, the company wants to sell Spot for use in […]