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Virgin Hyperloop Completes First Human Ride On New High-Speed Transport System

SEATTLE (Reuters) ― Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop has completed the world’s first passenger ride on a super high-speed levitating pod system, the company said on Sunday, a key safety test for technology it hopes will transform human and cargo transportation. Virgin Hyperloop executives Josh Giegel, its Chief Technology Officer, and Sara Luchian, Director of Passenger […]


Microsoft researchers use Bing data to track shifting human needs during the pandemic

Automation and Jobs Read our latest special issue. Open Now Research about the pandemic has mostly focused on epidemiology, but health data alone can’t inform policies — decisions should ideally take into account the impacts on communities. Driven by this maxim, Microsoft researchers developed a framework to characterize the changes in people’s physiological, socioeconomic, and […]

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The age of human exploration is behind us. Machines will take it from here

Professor Hector Orengo in Palaikastro. Photo courtesy of H. Orengo. Located on Crete’s east coast, Palaikastro is known for herb-filled mountains, fresh water springs, and numerous historic sites. During the Bronze Age, around 2000 B.C., the scenic locale was a center of trade. Although some vacationers currently come to see the town’s sycamore trees, seaside […]

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U.K.’s ‘advanced’ self-driving car trials won’t require human safety drivers

It’s not just rival companies that are racing to introduce self-driving cars to the market. Different countries are also seemingly competing to cement their high tech-friendly statuses by embracing autonomous vehicle testing. With this in mind, the U.K. government announced that it is moving toward “advanced trials” of self-driving cars — meaning trials which do not […]