Emerging Tech

Hilarious new Kickstarter aims to fix Scorcese’s last scene in The Departed

[embedded content] We live in a world in which deceased actors can be digitally revived for one last starring role. What challenge is it, then, to remove a single scene-ruining rat from an otherwise brilliant movie? That’s the question that caused movie fan (and apparent rodent-as-symbolism hater) Adam Sacks to launch an unlikely new Kickstarter […]

Gears & Gadgets

Apple says iPhones were down 15% last quarter, but everything else was up 19%

Enlarge / iPhones are seen at an Apple Store in Tianjin, China. Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images Apple today shared its fiscal first-quarter revenue with shareholders. As investors feared and as previously warned, Apple posted revenue of $ 84.3 billion for the quarter ending in December, missing revenue expectations in the quarter by around $ […]

Emerging Tech

5 tech trends to watch in 2019 (and a reality check on last year’s picks)

Innovation in the tech industry moves at a breakneck pace, and 2018 was a fantastic example of that. Wireless companies took gigantic steps towards 5G (including merging to get there), while Google wowed us with its Duplex AI. Despite Bitcoin’s precipitous fall in value, blockchain technology continued to evolve, and Amazon showed it’s serious about […]