Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator lets developers create realistic digital humans within minutes

Beyond the app store: Why mobile games need a multi-platform strategy Learn how to go beyond the tried-and-true pathways to improve discoverability, create community, and scale your mobile business. View On Demand Epic Games has unveiled its MetaHuman Creator, a new browser-based app that enables game developers and creators of real-time content to slash the […]


Trinamix’s molecular sensing lets smartphones assess the best cosmetics for your skin

When it comes to customer expectations, the pandemic has changed everything Learn how to accelerate customer service, optimize costs, and improve self-service in a digital-first world. Register here Trinamix has created molecular sensing technology that lets you use your smartphone to test which cosmetics would be best for your skin. But that’s just one of […]


Google’s AI tool lets users trigger mobile app actions with natural language instructions

VB Transform The AI event for business leaders Hosted Online July 14 – 17 Register Today Google is investigating ways AI might be used to ground natural language instructions to smartphone app actions. In a study accepted to the 2020 Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) conference, researchers at the company propose corpora to train models […]