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Salsa made with a drill, and more: TikTok offers glimpses of life during the Texas storm

The videos show water rushing through broken ceilings into darkened rooms. Food heated over open flame. Hungry and enterprising home cooks making condiments with power tools. No, these aren’t scenes from the latest dystopian sci-fi thriller. They’re TikToks from Texas, where winter storms have stranded millions without water or power. The videos, which offer the […]

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Life Without Amazon (Well, Almost)

For concerned customers, avoiding one of the world’s largest retailers and web service providers is proving harder than expected. Blaze, a 24-year-old cashier living in Washington, D.C., doesn’t order from or shop at Whole Foods. He doesn’t watch movies or shows on Prime Video. He doesn’t own a Ring or a Kindle. And he […]


Oculus Quest’s hand-tracking drains just 7 minutes from headset’s battery life

The upcoming hand-tracking feature for Oculus Quest reduces battery life by just 7 minutes, according to Facebook. Hand Tracking was announced during the week at Oculus Connect 6, Facebook’s annual VR/AR conference. Releasing early next year, it will allow users to interact with the Quest menu and supported apps without using the Touch controllers. During the developer […]