Regardless of genre, in-game ads are building revenue and increasing retention (VB Live)

Get the most out of your game’s subscription plans Best practices for designing and managing your subscription strategy Access guide here Presented by Facebook Audience Network In-game advertising is a major win for publishers. But to maximize the revenue impact you need the right formats and strategies. For an in-depth look at the best rewarded […]


Clearview A.I.’s privacy complaint , UAE goes to Mars | Digital Trends Live

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler breaks down the top trending stories in tech, including Clearview A.I.’s privacy complaint, Katy Perry and the Tomorrowland festival, Nissan’s e-SUV, a wearable glucose reader, the United Arab Emirates’ Mars mission, and more. Aedan Macdonald Aedan Macdonald, founder and program manager of Justice Through Code […]


How to go live on Twitter

Going live can connect you with your social media followers in a more personal way than with just text and photo posts. You get to talk to your followers directly, at length, about whatever’s on your mind and watchers can respond in real-time. Many people don’t know that you can go live on Twitter just […]

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eBay Executives Sent Live Spiders, Roaches To Harass Couple, Feds Say

Six former eBay Inc. employees have been charged with waging an extensive campaign to terrorize and intimidate the editor and publisher of an online newsletter with threats and disturbing deliveries to their home, including live spiders and cockroaches, federal authorities said Monday. Executives were upset about the newsletter’s coverage, so their employees set out to […]