Best server deals for March 2021

Whether you’re hosting your own website, creating a server for your favorite game, setting up an office network, running a remote virtual machine, or just building a cloud storage solution for your personal data, investing in good server hardware is critical. Cheap servers aren’t always easy to come by — quality hardware always comes at […]

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Threats of a QAnon-fueled March 4 attack create disruptions but little trouble. Researchers say police overreacted.

As the House of Representatives canceled its session amid reported threats to the Capitol on Thursday, researchers who had warned of trouble ahead of the Jan. 6 siege found themselves scratching their heads. If something was brewing, they said, it was much smaller, quieter and less obviously violent than what they had reported two months […]


The best printer deals of March 2020

We can all admit it: In today’s connected world of smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart-everything-else, printers aren’t the most exciting pieces of technology. But whether printers send a chill own your spine or not, these humble appliances have been permanent fixtures in homes and offices for decades, and chances are high that you’re […]