Emerging Tech

This lifesaving wearable could diagnose strokes more accurately

As the Apple Watch’s ECG-reading tech has made clear, wearable devices have moved well beyond high-tech gimmicks and become genuine lifesavers. The latest demonstration of this is a new device, developed by researchers from the Army Medical University and China Academy of Engineering Physics. Their “hybrid instrument” uses two different light measurement techniques to build […]


Digital Trends Live: Google Stadia details, Walmart’s in-home delivery, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler and Renee Abousamra of Brandlive discuss the top trending tech stories of the day, including the new Google Stadia game-streaming service, whether or not cellphone companies will block robocalls, Walmart’s testing of in-home delivery, EmDrive propulsion, Tech Briefs, and more. Later, Nibler welcomes Alex Johnson, […]


Facebook AI study: Major object recognition systems favor people with more money

Computer vision for recognizing household objects works better for people in high-income households, according to analysis of 6 major object detection systems shared today by Facebook AI researchers. The study examined object classification systems made by Facebook, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, and Clarifai. Results show the 6 systems work between 10-20% better […]

Gears & Gadgets

iPadOS, coming “this fall”: Thumb drives, more gestures, “desktop-class” browsing

Enlarge Samuel Axon In addition to expected updates to WatchOS and iOS, Apple’s Monday WWDC keynote included an announcement of a new iOS fork: iPadOS. This new updated OS focuses squarely on the larger-screen capabilities of iPads—though Apple didn’t confirm which iPad models will be supported. The OS’ beta period will begin “today,” with a […]