Here’s why an affordable 5G iPhone is the only right move for Apple

It’s an understatement to call Apple broadly misunderstood. Yesterday, despite a 4.8% U.S. GDP decline, Apple somehow beat analysts’ consensus expectations by roughly 8%, miraculously growing its quarterly revenues year-over-year despite a global pandemic and near-complete shutdown of its physical stores. None of the analysts — paid professional Apple-watchers — had predicted an increase, proving that […]

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Roku is giving Sonos a run for its money with its new family of TV speakers – and it’s a brilliant business move

Roku Roku unveiled two new home-audio products this week: a Smart Soundbar, and a Wireless Subwoofer. Roku released its first audio products last summer: a pair of wireless speakers for your TV. Roku’s decision to move into home audio is a smart, natural progression for the company, and their competitive pricing makes Roku a compelling […]


Move over AlphaGo: AlphaZero taught itself to play three different games

Enlarge / Starting from random play and knowing just the game rules, AlphaZero defeated a world champion program in the games of Go, chess, and shogi (Japanese chess). DeepMind Technologies, Ltd. Google’s DeepMind—the group that brought you the champion game-playing AIs AlphaGo and AlphaGoZero—is back with a new, improved, and more-generalized version. Dubbed AlphaZero, this […]