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MyHeritage offers ‘creepy’ deepfake tool to reanimate dead

MyHeritage Genealogy site MyHeritage has introduced a tool which uses deepfake technology to animate the faces in photographs of dead relatives. Called DeepNostalgia, the firm acknowledged that some people might find the feature “creepy” while others would consider it “magical”. It said it did not include speech to avoid the creation of “deepfake people”. It […]

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Salsa made with a drill, and more: TikTok offers glimpses of life during the Texas storm

The videos show water rushing through broken ceilings into darkened rooms. Food heated over open flame. Hungry and enterprising home cooks making condiments with power tools. No, these aren’t scenes from the latest dystopian sci-fi thriller. They’re TikToks from Texas, where winter storms have stranded millions without water or power. The videos, which offer the […]

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GitHub sharply slashes plan pricing, offers core features for free to all

GitHub’s octocat. GitHub Software hosting and version-control platform GitHub has made some sweeping changes to its plans and offerings, extending free service to far more teams and users than before while slashing prices for access to some key features by half. Arguably the most important change is that unlimited repositories and collaborators are now offered […]

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New coronavirus dashboard offers astonishingly detailed data by county

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases globally nears the 2 million mark, a new dashboard has launched showing county-by-county data for confirmed cases, recorded deaths, testing rate, fatality rate, hospital capacity, and more. It comes from Maryland-based Johns Hopkins University, which received much praise for the launch early in the crisis of its dashboard […]