Emerging Tech

Fire-extinguishing gel could be sprayed onto wooded areas ahead of fire season

[embedded content] A new non-toxic gel developed by researchers at Stanford University could be sprayed directly onto wooded areas to reduce the severity of wildfires. According to its creators, the fluid could be applied to “ignition-prone areas” ahead of peak fire season. In doing so, it could serve as both a lifesaving and cost-saving technology […]

Gears & Gadgets

Report: Microsoft is jumping onto the wireless earbud bandwagon

Enlarge / Microsoft’s Surface Headphones. Its on-device dial controls are great. Battery life and noise-cancelling, not so much, for the price. Jeff Dunn It appears that Microsoft is going to expand its range of audio hardware. Last year the company released the Surface Headphones, a pair of premium-priced wireless noise-cancelling headphones with integrated microphones. They […]

Emerging Tech

A projection onto Sydney Opera House causes huge rumpus in Australia

Projection mapping can be a beautiful spectacle, with the digital performance art allowing artists’ imaginations to run riot with colorful creations that splash entertaining imagery onto huge buildings. Suggest projecting an ad onto Sydney Opera House, however, and you could run into trouble. A national debate has been raging among Australians for the past week after […]