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Microsoft: The open source company

Enlarge The news from Microsoft’s Build developer conference that surprised me most was that Microsoft will ship a genuine Linux kernel—GPLed, with all patches published—with Windows. That announcement was made with the announcement of Windows Terminal, a new front-end for command-line programs on Windows that will, among other things, support tabs. Microsoft’s increased involvement with […]

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calc.exe is now open source; there’s surprising depth in its ancient code

Enlarge jakeandlindsay Microsoft’s embrace and adoption of open source software has continued with the surprising decision to publish the code for Windows Calculator and release it on GitHub under the permissive MIT license. The repository shows Calculator’s surprisingly long history. Although it is in some regards one of the most modern Windows applications—it’s an early […]

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He led open source projects in Microsoft's early days of exploring it. Now he's returning as GitHub's new product head

Shanku Niyogi, GitHub’s SVP of ProductGitHub GitHub announced Wednesday that Google and Microsoft veteran Shanku Niyogi will join the company as its new senior vice president of product to lead product strategy. Niyogi spent over 18 years at Microsoft, and he watched Microsoft on its journey towards embracing open source, as evidenced by its $ […]