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Breached water plant employees used the same TeamViewer password and no firewall

Enlarge Getty Images / Leon Justice The Florida water treatment facility whose computer system experienced a potentially hazardous computer breach last week used an unsupported version of Windows with no firewall and shared the same TeamViewer password among its employees, government officials have reported. The computer intrusion happened last Friday in Oldsmar, a Florida city […]

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Dutch Authorities: Trump’s Twitter Was Hacked By Man Who Guessed ‘maga2020!’ Password

Dutch prosecutors confirmed Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was indeed hacked by a so-called “ethical hacker” who didn’t have to work too hard to guess Trump’s password: “maga2020!” Victor Gevers, a Dutch security expert, cooperated with investigators from the Dutch Public Prosecution Service in November and freely released information and screenshots pertaining to the […]


How to change your Gmail password

To increase your security online, you should start with updating your email password on a regular basis. For many people, doing so may mean changing a Gmail password. Do you know how to change your Gmail password? If not, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to do it. Just follow our step-by-step guide below. Related […]

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Password1, Password2, Password3 no more: Microsoft drops password expiration rec

For many years, Microsoft has published a security baseline configuration: a set of system policies that are a reasonable default for a typical organization. This configuration may be sufficient for some companies, and it represents a good starting point for those corporations that need something stricter. While most of the settings have been unproblematic, one […]


How to password protect a PDF

PDFs are the closest thing the internet has to a paper document. They’re standard, they look the same on every system regardless of what fonts you have installed, and they typically aren’t something users can edit. But if you want to keep them secure, then you need to know how to password protect a PDF. Fortunately, PDFs have […]


Chrome 69 arrives with revamped design, more powerful omnibox, and better password manager

Google today launched Chrome 69 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Android, and iOS, just a few days after the browser’s 10-year anniversary. The release includes a new design, more powerful omnibox, updated password manager, more accurate autofill, plenty of developer-specific changes, and a slew of security improvements. You can update to the latest version now […]