New cinema filters from Moment give your phone footage the Hollywood look

[embedded content] Moment, known for its line of popular smartphone add-on lenses,  introduced a new series of cinema-quality glass filters on Wednesday, August 21. Both neutral density (ND) and circular polarizer (CPL) filters are available in 37mm sizes which attach to the Moment photo case via a bespoke filter adapter. Previously, filters could be adapted […]


Motorola One Action Phone Slays Vertical Video

Die, vertical video, die! Motorola today announced a hilariously exciting new smartphone, the Motorola One Action, which turns its wide-angle camera 90 degrees so you can record horizontal video while holding the camera vertically. I think this is hilarious; I also think it’s brilliant. A 117-degree, wide angle “action” camera shouldn’t take vertical video—you’d just […]

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Microsoft contractors hear phone sex and more while reviewing Cortana, Skype audio

Long-press the Action button to bring up Cortana. Valentina Palladino Here we go again. It’s Microsoft’s turn in the spotlight thanks to a new report about the company’s practices for reviewing and improving its AI. With today’s news, nearly every company operating a major voice assistant has now been hit with revelations that employees or […]


How to find a lost phone

Tom Grundy/Shutterstock So you’ve lost your phone. We’ve all been there. It was just in your pocket a minute ago — and now it’s gone, lost to the phone fairies, forgotten between the seats of your couch, or misplaced somewhere during your busy day. Maybe it’s just in your other coat, or maybe it’s already in […]