The best cell phone plans of 2020

The best family plan right now is T-Mobile’s Magenta, which offers unlimited data at unbeatable prices, including the option to add a third line for free right now. You can add up to eight lines, and additional lines beyond the first three are $ 20 each. We have some alternative options if T-Mobile service isn’t […]


How high refresh and frame rates will change phone screens and cameras

Though 2020 will be remembered for many things, one of the year’s noteworthy smartphone device trends — broad availability of “120Hz” screens — could slip under the mainstream radar, mostly because average consumers have no idea what Hz (“Hertz”) means. Displays targeted at gamers and creative professionals adopted 120Hz technology several years ago, sometimes referring […]


Facebook’s AutoScale decides if AI inference runs on your phone or in the cloud

In a technical paper published on this week, researchers at Facebook and Arizona State University lifted the hood on AutoScale, which shares a name with Facebook’s energy-sensitive load balancer. AutoScale, which could theoretically be used by any company were the code to be made publicly available, leverages AI to enable energy-efficient inference on smartphones […]

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Press 1 for frustration: Customers run into record phone waits as companies grapple with worker safety

The pandemic has caused a perfect storm of customer service issues, with companies and government agencies struggling to keep up while keeping their employees safe, and customers struggling to keep their cool. Writer Tom Cheredar spent three hours trying, and failing, to reach his cable company Spectrum two weeks ago. He called when he realized […]