NortonLifeLock’s AI-powered smartphone app blurs out sensitive information in photos

With some regularity, sensitive information finds its way into smartphones and other mobile devices. Much of it comes from the estimated 3.2 billion images uploaded every day — people screenshot documents like tickets, tax forms, and medical prescriptions without thinking twice. This makes them susceptible to risks like identity theft and ransomware, among other problems. […]


How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer

The iPhone camera gets better with every new iteration, which isn’t surprising given it’s one of the most popular cameras in existence. As image quality improves and resolution continues to climb, however, you’re going to need more storage space, and with support for RAW images and 4K videos, those files are now even larger. Even on the iPhone 11 Pro, customers who opted […]

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Google Photos is the latest “Unlimited” plan to impose hard limits

Enlarge / Google is no longer offering unlimited photo storage—except to Pixel users, that is. Google Today, Google Photos VP Shimrit Ben-Yair announced the end of Google Photos’ unlimited photo storage policy. The plan already came with significant caveats—unlimited storage was for the tier Google deems “High Quality,” which includes compressed media only, capped at […]