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Why one email app went to war with Apple—and why neither one is right

Enlarge / The login screen for Hey on an iPhone XS. Samuel Axon Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson launched a firestorm of public criticism of Apple after Apple rejected an update to Basecamp’s new email app. Hansson’s tweet thread and the ensuing controversy surfaced days before Apple’s annual developer conference, and amidst news that the European Commission […]


Here’s why an affordable 5G iPhone is the only right move for Apple

It’s an understatement to call Apple broadly misunderstood. Yesterday, despite a 4.8% U.S. GDP decline, Apple somehow beat analysts’ consensus expectations by roughly 8%, miraculously growing its quarterly revenues year-over-year despite a global pandemic and near-complete shutdown of its physical stores. None of the analysts — paid professional Apple-watchers — had predicted an increase, proving that […]