Gears & Gadgets

Apple TV+ acquires a “sci-fi courtroom drama” about a murderous robot doll

Enlarge / A shot from For All Mankind‘s second season. Apple+ More science fiction is headed to Apple TV+, according to a new video and report. Apple has published a “first look featurette” video and related augmented reality app for its alternate-history space-program drama For All Mankind‘s second season, and the report claims that a drama about […]


Boston Dynamics will ship Spot with a robot arm ‘in a few months’ and for home use ‘someday’

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert today shared what’s next for Spot, the company’s quadruped robot that can climb stairs and traverse rough terrain. In a few months, Boston Dynamics will start selling Spot with a robot arm to businesses interested in mobile manipulation systems. And eventually, the company wants to sell Spot for use in […]

Emerging Tech

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot gives New Zealand sheepdogs a run for their money

Previously immune to the threat of techno-replacement (unless you want to count robot pets like Sony’s Aibo), sheepdogs in New Zealand are currently facing competition from the encroaching wave of automation, courtesy of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. A new video shows Spot carrying out a variety of assistive agricultural tasks, including inspecting crops and, yes, […]