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Someone is selling a Silicon Valley investor 'starter kit' as a joke about how venture capitalists all dress the same

Getty/Drew Angerer Silicon Valley investors are known for their business savvy, but not necessarily their fashion sense. A new site, called VC Starter Kit, lampoons what’s seen as the tech investor uniform: You can buy a Patagonia sweater, Allbirds sneakers, and a handful of other stereotypically VC accessories like a Tesla keychain, all in a […]

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Researchers use sound waves to levitate up to 25 tiny objects at the same time

[embedded content] Researchers have been using sound waves to levitate tiny objects for a while now. But a new project from scientists at the U.K.’s University of Bristol and Spain’s Universidad Publica De Navarra takes things to the next level. They have created what they refer to as “acoustic tweezers,” which involve levitating multiple objects […]