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Has science gone too far? This invincible robo-cockroach is impossible to squish

[embedded content] Considering their relatively tiny size, cockroaches are pretty darn invincible. Having evolved as scavengers able to operate in some seriously unsanitary conditions, these natural survivors have a hard-shelled durability that would make most other living organisms envious. It’s no wonder that roboticists have selected these small-but-mighty critters as their inspiration for a new […]


MIT science photographer isn’t an artist, but her work could fill galleries

Felice Frankel is an educator, photographer, and research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her passion for science started at a young age, eventually merging with her photographic experience and eye for design in a unique career as a science photographer. Since 1992, she has helped scientists better communicate their research and ideas through […]

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‘I Don’t Really Want to Work for Facebook.’ So Say Some Computer Science Students.

Supported by ‘I Don’t Really Want to Work for Facebook.’ So Say Some Computer Science Students. ImageThe Cal Hacks 5.0 competition drew students to the University of California, Berkeley, including, from left, Haitao Zhang, Ingrid Wu and Emily Hu, all students at Berkeley. Some students at the hackathon expressed a reluctance to work for big […]

Emerging Tech

TESS, NASA’s planet-hunting space satellite, begins science operations

Illustration of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) in front of a lava planet orbiting its host star. TESS will identify thousands of potential new planets for further study and observation. NASA/GSFC NASA’s exoplanet-hunting satellite TESS is fully operational and has begun scanning the skies for distant planets, NASA reported on Friday. And maybe, just […]