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The U.S. military is using solar-powered balloons to spy on parts of the Midwest

The U.S. military is using surveillance balloons like this one to spy on the Midwest. The U.S. military is using balloons to monitor activity across six states in the Midwest. The 25 solar-powered balloons are reportedly being used to monitor portions of Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The military filed a Special Temporary Authorization for […]

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E-scooter company Spin will place dozens of start-up’s solar-powered docking stations in two cities this summer

The stations are being billed as a way to reduce sidewalk clutter and attract business. Electric scooters have posed a problem outside many storefronts and heavily trafficked buildings since they began appearing in dozens of cities across the country last year. Unevenly parked and prone to tipping over, the devices clutter entrances, turn off potential […]

Emerging Tech

SoftBank’s solar-powered drone could dispense 5G internet from the skies

NASA and AeroVironment’s high-altitude drone, Helios Prototype. NASA An experimental, solar-powered drone capable of beaming internet down to Earth is set to take off. The drone, called the Hawk 30, is the product of a tightlipped partnership between Softbank and AeroVironment, an American aerospace company. The joint venture is aimed at delivering 5G and Internet […]