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The PS5 makes being Miles Morales feel super

Through the long history of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man has been prefaced by plenty of adjectives — Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational — to signify his excellence. Playing as supercharged Spider-teen Miles Morales on the brand-spanking-new PlayStation 5, the latest “Spider-Man” gaming experience invokes another: Ultimate. Setting aside the excellent (if short) story and entertaining series of […]

Emerging Tech

New snail-inspired super glue can switch between sticky and non-sticky states

Whether it’s robots modeled on cockroaches or medical adhesives derived from Chinese giant salamander excretions, the tech and scientific communities love nothing more than finding unique ways to repurpose the natural world. The latest example of this? A team of international researchers, hailing from the University of Pennsylvania, Lehigh University, and the Korea Institute of […]