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California plaintiffs sue Chinese tech giant Tencent, alleging WeChat app is censoring and surveilling them

A group of California plaintiffs has filed a lawsuit against Chinese tech giant Tencent in state court, alleging that the company’s WeChat mobile app has censored and surveilled them and shared their data with Chinese authorities. The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, claims that the company’s practices violate the plaintiffs’ free-speech and privacy rights, and […]


Pentax spells out vision as an art company that ignores superior tech

Pentax has gone long enough between camera announcements that “Do they still make Pentax cameras?” is an actual Google search suggestion. But as Pentax prepares to announce the development of a new flagship crop-sensor DSLR next week, the company shared an evolving brand philosophy and published an interview with President Shinobu Takahashi discussing the future […]