Let them fight! Mortal Kombat red-band trailer gives fans what they want

Lewis Tan stars as Cole Young. YouTube/Warner Bros. He bears an unusual birthmark. YouTube/Warner Bros. It’s an invitation to….Mortal Kombat! YouTube/Warner Bros. Sonya Blade (Jessica McNamee) heeds the call. YouTube/Warner Bros. The iceman cometh: Joe Taslim plays Sub-Zero. YouTube/Warner Bros. Poor Jax Briggs (Mehcad Brooks) will not emerge from this encounter unscathed. YouTube/Warner Bros. Bionic […]

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Scientists said claims about China creating the coronavirus were misleading. They went viral anyway.

Scientists from Johns Hopkins, Columbia and other leading American universities moved with rare speed when a Chinese virologist, Li-Meng Yan, published an explosive paper in September claiming that China had created the deadly coronavirus in a research lab. The paper, the American scientists concluded, was deeply flawed. And a new online journal from MIT Press […]

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Authorities bust SIM-swap ring they say took millions from the rich and famous

Enlarge / Close-up photograph of a SIM card, a SIM-card replacement, and a smartphone. Getty Images Ten people have been arrested in connection with a series of SIM-swapping attacks that reaped more than $ 100 million by taking over the mobile phone accounts of high-profile individuals, authorities said on Wednesday. SIM-swapping is a crime that […]

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Conservatives grumbling about censorship say they’re flocking to Parler. They told us so on Twitter.

Maria Bartiromo, the Fox Business anchor seen on TV six days a week, has joined a chorus of pro-Trump commentators urging followers to flock to Parler, the social network that promises no fact-checking or “editorial bullies trying to tell you what to think.” She told Parler chief executive John Matze in an interview earlier this […]

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Facebook employees said they were ‘caught in an abusive relationship’ with Trump as internal debates raged

Zuckerberg also met privately with black executives to discuss their pain and objections to the post, which referred to responding to protesters over George Floyd’s death. And employees questioned whether Facebook was in an “abusive relationship” with the president, according to a trove of documents that showed more than 200 posts from an internal message […]


ProBeat: Apple and Google’s contact detection API will fail, but they should build it anyway

Apple and Google shocked the world last Friday with their COVID-19 announcement to collaborate on an opt-in Bluetooth-based proximity contact detection API for iOS and Android. Contact tracing is the identification and follow-up of people who may have come into contact with an infected person. We’ve been learning more about the API this week, including […]

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Read the letter Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just sent to employees about the coronavirus: ‘Things are going to get worse before they get better’

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Saturday shared a memo sent to Amazon employees regarding the coronavirus. In the letter, Bezos notes that the company is hiring 100,00 workers and says Amazon is taking steps to protect essential personnel that can’t work remotely. He encourages those who have […]