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E-scooter company Spin will place dozens of start-up’s solar-powered docking stations in two cities this summer

The stations are being billed as a way to reduce sidewalk clutter and attract business. Electric scooters have posed a problem outside many storefronts and heavily trafficked buildings since they began appearing in dozens of cities across the country last year. Unevenly parked and prone to tipping over, the devices clutter entrances, turn off potential […]


Art meets blockchain on this social network for collecting photos, designs

Editional A new blockchain-powered social media network aims to take sharing digital artwork beyond the typical “like” button. On Tuesday, April 30, Editional launched on Apple’s App Store as a platform for sharing and claiming limited edition digital collectibles, like photography and graphic design. The social platform allows artists to share digital artwork, while fans […]

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Fear the Man in the Middle? This company wants to sell quantum key distribution

Enlarge / That’s a lofty promise you got there, quantum key distribution company. Quantum XChange When reviewing the WireGuard VPN last fall, one of the things that came up was WireGuard’s support for an optional, additional PSK (Pre Shared Key) layer of security. Like most modern crypto, WireGuard’s basic encryption is asymmetrical, meaning you encrypt the […]

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This doomsaying art exhibition recasts Bezos, Musk, and Zuckerberg as mythological figures heralding the end of civilization

A new exhibition casts tech moguls as mythological figures.Sebastian Errazuriz Studio A striking new art exhibition of 3D-printed statues shows some of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest and most famous figures as mythological characters. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz re-imagines modern Silicon Valley luminaries including Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, but through a pretty pessimistic lens. The […]