Diablo II Resurrected tops BlizzCon announcement flurry

Enlarge / Long rumored, finally confirmed. Blizzard Blizzard’s latest BlizzCon event sees the longtime PC game maker at perhaps its most beleaguered yet. Game delays, notable departures, botched remakes, smartphone-gaming backlash, and an anti-protester reputation have weighed down what was once a sterling RTS/RPG reputation. That led us to wonder: can today’s streaming-only BlizzCon showcase of games […]

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Airbnb Tops $100 Billion on First Day of Trading

The home-rental company’s blockbuster I.P.O. followed that of the delivery company DoorDash. Investors piled into both. SAN FRANCISCO — Over the last decade, Airbnb has upended the travel industry, riled regulators, frustrated local communities and created a mini-economy of short-term rental operators, all while spinning a warm narrative of belonging and connection. On Thursday, Airbnb […]


Google Home tops smart speaker IQ test, but rivals are gaining

Back in July, Loup Ventures published the results of an “annual digital assistant IQ test” pitting Google’s Assistant against Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana, ranking those four AI systems in descending order of performance when responding to 800 real-world questions. Now the firm is back with an “annual smart speaker IQ test” focused on […]