NHS finds VR training boosts coronavirus frontline worker performance

Virtual reality showed great potential for medical training well before the coronavirus pandemic, letting surgeons practice on digital patients while students experimented in virtual labs. As hospitals across the world rushed nurses and doctors into the fight against COVID-19, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) invited VR training company Virti to join its innovation […]


AI training helps remote-controlled buggy negotiate rugged terrain

McGill University researchers say they’ve developed a technique to train a remote-controlled, offroad car to drive on terrain from aerial and first-person imagery. Their hybrid approach accounts for terrain roughness and obstacles using on-board sensors, enabling it to generalize to environments with vegetation, rocks, and sandy trails. The work is preliminary, but it might hold […]

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Secretly filmed footage reveals the training Facebook moderators are put through

Firecrest/C4Facebook moderators are trained to evaluate graphically violent content. The training Facebook moderators are put through has been revealed in secretly filmed footage, recorded by a reporter for British broadcaster Channel 4. The training, carried out by Facebook’s content moderation contractor CPL Resources, reveals how reviewers should deal with material, including child abuse and racism. […]