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Self-driving apple harvesting robot suctions the fruit off trees

[embedded content] Picking apples isn’t a challenge that you’d necessarily think calls for the latest high tech robotic technology to solve. That hasn’t been enough to stop California-based startup Abundant Robotics, however. The company has developed a cutting edge solution to the apple-picking problem in the form of an autonomous tractor-style vehicle which can navigate […]

Emerging Tech

This streaming music service pays artists in Bitcoin, plants trees if you listen

It sounds like the ultimate tongue-in-cheek sales pitch to target millenials: An environmentally friendly streaming music service that pays artists in Bitcoin, and plants trees in exchange for streams from customers. All you need are references to vaping and craft ale, and you’d have a comprehensive 20-something hipster bingo card. In fact, it’s a serious […]

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This 16-year-old invented a robot that can help scientists keep trees and forests healthy

ITMO UniversityLeft to right: Maksim Mikhailov and his team: Daniil Nechaev, Igor Lositsky and Gleb Zagarskikh, as they accept the gold medal at the 2017 World Robot Olympiad. After hearing a radio program describe the labor-intensive work of forest pathologists – basically, tree doctors – Maksim Mikhailov had an idea: what if a robot helped […]