Microsoft is setting the stage for the biggest update to Windows in years

In a Windows Hardware Certification blog post, Microsoft has finally acknowledged this year’s first major Windows 10 update, currently code-named 21H1 and scheduled for release later this spring. Though the Windows Insider team (which releases beta versions of Windows) hasn’t yet talked about 21H1, the Hardware Certification blog post suggests that Microsoft will indeed stick […]


How to update apps on Android

We all need apps to run properly for us, regardless of which apps we have on our phones and how often we use them. That’s why keeping them updated is vitally important since without installing new versions, our apps may stop working or may end up posing a security threat. Fortunately, this article explains how […]


How to update your Mac

From large MacOS upgrades like Big Sur to minor but important security or usability updates, it’s important to keep MacOS current. If you’re not quite sure how to do that, don’t fret. It’s quick and easy. Even if you have automatic updates turned on for your Mac, the manual method is just a few steps […]