Corel VideoStudio adds tools for customizing color in simple video edits

Previous Next Corel’s VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 has a few new tricks. On Tuesday, February 12, Corel launched an updated version of the company’s consumer video editor. VideoStudio 2019 now includes tools like color-grading tools and custom transitions, as well as faster rendering and new shortcuts. The new color-grading tools allow editors to adjust the colors […]

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The 6 hottest video games in a surprisingly action-packed February

On paper, “Apex Legends” sounds a lot like “Fortnite.” It’s a free-to-play shooter centered around a Battle Royale mode! It’s available on several gaming platforms! It’s full of colorful loot! In reality, “Apex Legends” is a very different game in the same genre as “Fortnite.” If you’ve spent any time with the “Titanfall” games, you’ll […]

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A lawsuit accuses the CEO behind the blockbuster 'Borderlands' video games of lewd behavior and pocketing a secret $12 million bonus

Gearbox CEO Randy PitchfordChristian Petersen/Getty Images Video game studio Gearbox Software is engaged in contentious legal battle with the company’s former general counsel, Wade Callender. Gearbox initially filed a lawsuit against Callender alleging that he misused company funds for to pay for tuition, a home loan, and other personal expenses. In a countersuit, Callender leveled […]