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A gorgeous new video game features stunning re-creations of its famous Hollywood cast – here’s the full roster

French actress Léa Seydoux plays the character “Fragile.” French actress Léa Seydoux plays the character “Fragile.” Fragile appears to be in the same line of work as the game’s main character, Sam — she’s a courier, ferrying valuable supplies between the remaining cities in the game’s destroyed, near-future version of America. Mexican movie director Guillermo […]


Vertical video haters win the war — Instagram’s IGTV has a horizontal view

Instagram Instagram’s IGTV launched with one main differentiating feature from platforms like YouTube — vertical video. But a year later, IGTV is conforming to traditional video with support for horizontal videos. On Thursday, May 23, Instagram shared an update that brings the more traditional horizontal video aspect ratio to the mobile-focused video platform. At launch, […]