Gears & Gadgets

Breached water plant employees used the same TeamViewer password and no firewall

Enlarge Getty Images / Leon Justice The Florida water treatment facility whose computer system experienced a potentially hazardous computer breach last week used an unsupported version of Windows with no firewall and shared the same TeamViewer password among its employees, government officials have reported. The computer intrusion happened last Friday in Oldsmar, a Florida city […]

Emerging Tech

An ultrathin wood membrane can help filter the salt out of salt water

The process of desalination, the filtering of salt from salt water, is surprisingly complicated. Removing impurities from water to leave a drinkable product at the end is often performed at dedicated desalination plants, and requires plenty of energy consumption to make it happen. Researchers at Princeton University, the University of Maryland, and the University of […]

Emerging Tech

This unusual nature-inspired robot is equally at home on land or in the water

[embedded content] Biomimicry, the concept of modellng systems found in nature to solve complex problems, is popular among roboticists. But while the robots that result from it can gain the strengths of particular forms of animal locomotion or other abilities, they also adopt the species’ same limitations. For example, an aquatic fish-inspired swimming robot may […]