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Can esports make you more productive at work? IBM, Walmart and others think yes.

Amazon launches a desperate Zerg rush on Facebook. Microsoft crushes Capital One with a well-timed D.Va self-destruct. Just a typical day in the Corporate Esports Association (CEA), an organization that bills itself as a modern take on the traditional company softball league. But for the employees participating in these matches, esports are more than just […]

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After years of fighting it, Nest will work with Samsung’s SmartThings

Enlarge Google and Samsung want to work together on smart home compatibility. The two companies put out dueling press releases today, saying that Google Nest devices would work better with Samsung SmartThings, ending a war between the SmartThings community and Nest/Google/Alphabet that has been going on for years. Samsung says that “Google Nest devices, including thermostats, […]