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These are the eccentric eating, sleeping, wellness, and workout regimes of the world’s top tech billionaires

Tech moguls have a host of strange routines and rituals.Scott Olson/Getty/Mark J. Terrill/AP/Drew Angerer/Business Insider Composite Silicon Valley executives have some surprising and unusual habits when it comes to eating, sleeping, and relaxing. Some of their more extreme rituals, like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s fasting regime, have provoked criticism. Other routines are surprisingly mundane for […]


Want Lewis or Rowling-like worlds but more nightmarish? Snag In an Absent Dream

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead. Tor Publishing If you’re looking for a grittier, dream-edging-on-nightmare version of a world created by C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling, author Seanan McGuire has you covered. McGuire explores worlds that are simultaneously fascinating and frightening in her award-winning Wayward Children novella series. It’s a dark-fantasy version of a conceit you might […]

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Caltech scientists used DNA to play the world’s tiniest game of tic-tac-toe

[embedded content] Wondering which penny-pinching family member will hand out the smallest gifts this holidays? It would be hard to beat the one California Institute of Technology (Caltech) researchers just gave the world — with the tiniest ever version of the game tic-tac-toe. Having previously used nanoscale bioengineering to create a replica of the iconic […]

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Drones force one of the world’s busiest airports to suspend all flights

One of the world’s busiest airports was forced to suspend or divert all flights on Wednesday night over safety concerns when two drones were spotted flying close to the airfield. The incident, which occurred at Gatwick Airport in south-east England, started just after 9 p.m. local time following “multiple reports” of two remotely controlled multi-rotor […]