The 5 best desktops of CES 2019

When it comes to PCs, most of the attention at CES this year has focused on laptops, thanks largely to Nvidia’s announcement of RTX mobile graphics and AMD’s launch of its Ryzen 3000 mobile APUs. But if you’re after power and upgradeability, nothing beats a desktop design, and CES 2019 didn’t disappoint in this department.

As supplies of Nvidia’s ray-tracing desktop RTX GPUs become more available, we’re seeing some powerful desktop launches at the show this year. Whether your seeking gaming performance or workstation-class graphics, there are plenty of options. Here are our picks for the best desktop PCs from CES 2019.

Lenovo Yoga A940

best desktop pcs of ces 2019 yoga a

Though it may seem that Lenovo’s Yoga A940 takes its design inspiration from Microsoft’s Surface Studio all-in-in-one, it’s nice to see Lenovo targeting creatives with this desktop PC announcement at CES.

The Yoga A940 comes with a reclining 27-inch QHD or 4K resolution HDR digital canvas — similar to the Surface Studio — and support for AMD Radeon RX 560 discrete graphics, an Intel 8th-Generation Core i7 processor, and accessories that include a stylus and Precision Dial. You can outfit this all-in-one desktop with up to 32GB RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive.

Priced starting at $ 2,349 when it becomes available in April, this Yoga is $ 1,000 cheaper than Microsoft’s all-in-one.

Asus ProArt PA90

asus reveals mini pc proart pa90 assu 2

Even though Asus isn’t targeting gamers, the ProArt PA90 packs in workstation-class performance with its Nvidia Quadro P4000 graphics in a compact and elegant mini desktop design. Bearing a resemblance to Apple’s Mac Pro and Samsung’s ArtPC Pulse, the Asus ProArt PA90 looks elegant, with its tall squircle-shaped design.

In addition to Quadro graphics, it maxes out with a 9th-Generation Intel Core i9 processor and up to 64GB of RAM. Given the compact footprint of the ProArt PA90, Asus came up with clever designs to help keep things cool. The PC itself is liquid cooled, and the top of the tower extends to help with air circulation.

Origin Cube

Origin Cube

Though it’s still a prototype, Origin’s new Cube-shaped PC is a small form factor gaming desktop that doesn’t skimp on performance despite its diminutive size. The Cube’s compact design may make it seem like the perfect travel companion to a LAN party, but Origin’s focus is on form rather than function, as this PC’s all-glass enclosure could make carrying this desktop a challenge.

Under the hood, however, the Cube can be configured to deliver top performance, including a full-sized graphics card, liquid cooled processor, and plenty of storage bays for expansion. If you’re in love with the aesthetics of Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail storefront in New York City, this may be the perfect PC for you.

Corsair One Pro i180

Corsair One Pro i180

The Corsair One Pro i180 is a gaming PC that’s disguised as a workstation, and that’s not a bad thing if you’re after ray-tracing performance in an understated design. Although the company calls this full-size tower a workstation, it comes with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics, RGB lighting, and a 12-core Intel Core i9 processor, rather than business-class silicons like Quadro graphics and Xeon processors.

Still, the i180 packs in plenty of power that will surely delight gamers and creatives with up to 32GB of memory, 960GB SSD, and 2TB HDD.

Digital Storm Aventum X

Digital Storm Aventum X

Though technically shown last year, Digital Storm has finally announced the Aventum X is available for purchase, and it’s one of the most powerful desktops we’ve ever seen. Packing in Intel’s 9th-Generation Core i9 processor, the Aventum X, like the decadent Aventum 3 before it, can be configured with up to four graphics cards. Fully configured, that’s four Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti connected via NVLink and up to three Nvidia GP100 HPC processors.

To keep this powerful rig running cool, Digital Storm created its own custom liquid cooling and airflow design. This is one seriously upgradeable PC, but be prepared to pay steeply if you do max out on all the specifications and customizations that’s available on the Aventum X. If you can stomach the price, you won’t be disappointed in the power, performance, and possibilities that the Aventum X is capable of delivering.

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