The best Android apps (November 2018)

We’ve once again overhauled our picks for the best Android apps, whittling our robust selection down to a paltry 100. Some are new, and others have been standbys on this list for years. Regardless, we’re certain that any and all of these apps will make your life easier, and help you get the most out of your Android device. The apps are listed by categories like Music, Travel, and so on.

In case you’re on iOS, check out our list of the best iOS apps, and if you’re more into gaming, you can take a look at our list of the 25 best Android games.

Five new apps you need to try (November)

Firefox Reality Browser

Virtual reality is slowly but surely taking off, and while Google has finally launched versions of Daydream with the Chrome browser built in, perhaps you prefer to use Firefox. If that’s you, then we recommend checking out the Firefox Reality Browser, which is a new virtual reality web browser that’s available on Oculus, Viveport, and Daydream devices. The browser allows you to do things like search URLs, browse 2D and 3D things on the internet, and more.

Google Play

Assistant Shortcuts

best android apps

Ever wish you could remap the so-called Assistant button on your phone to another feature? With this app, you can. The app was largely inspired by the OnePlus 6T, which allows owners to activate Google Assistant with the power button. With this app installed you can remap buttons to do things like switch to the last used app, go back, open the notifications panel, and more.

Google Play

Hire by Google

Looking to hire some new employees? Hire by Google aims to make that process a little easier. According to Google, Hire makes recruiting as easy as using Gmail. With the app, you can review incoming applications, identify good candidates, and more. The app integrates with the likes of Google Search, Gmail Calendar, Docs, and others. Note: this app is not for people looking for jobs; it’s for people looking to recruit.

Google Play

Poco Launcher

A great launcher can seriously change your overall experience with your smartphone. Poco Launcher, which was developed by Xiaomi, is designed to be simple, easy to understand, and generally helpful throughout the day. The launcher includes features like the ability to change your app icons, hide app icons, change home screen functions, and more. Plus, it’s sleek and well-designed, which is always helpful when it comes to software.

Google Play


Ever thought about trying to improve your speech? Gweek is here to help you do that. With Gweek, you’ll record a minute or so of yourself talking, after which the app will give you a score out of 100, recommending ways that you can improve your speech to be more clear and concise. The app is perfect for public speakers, or simply those that want to get a little better at speaking in general.

Google Play

Movies and videos


Netflix is one of the best video-streaming services. There’s a huge selection of movies and TV shows for subscribers and the performance is silky smooth. This is as entertained as you can get starting at $ 8 a month.

Google Play

Amazon Apps


Hulu offers thousands of movies and TV shows — many which are updated with the latest episodes after they air. Hulu offers various subscription models, including one that opens up the entire streaming library for $ 8 a month, and another that removes mid-stream ads for $ 12 a month.

Google Play

Amazon Apps


YouTube’s mobile app is sleek and intuitive, bringing the entirety of the video sharing site to the palm of your hand. For those subscribed to YouTube Red, you’ll have access to all the premium content, as well as special features like audio playback while the screen is off.

Google Play


Both HBO Now (HBO’s stand-alone service for $ 15/month) and HBO Go (a streaming app available to HBO cable subscribers) have apps that allow you to watch all of HBO’s streaming content directly on your phone.



Amazon Apps

Music and audio


Spotify is the best full-featured streaming service. With this app, you can stream any music from any type of device, make your own playlists, follow artists, and sync tracks for offline listening.

Google Play


If you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet of sound with no ads and no subscription fees, you’ve found it. You can discover new music and stream it from the cloud, but this is no Spotify replacement.

Google Play

Amazon Apps


Bandcamp’s mobile app allows you to stream music from your collection, as well as the music offered by the thousands of artists who sell and stream their music on Bandcamp. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy music directly from the artists and labels you follow.

Google Play


Google’s official streaming service is a worthy competitor to Spotify. Not only does the app provide a vast library of content, but it also allows users to upload up to 50,000 songs for online storage. This means you can download and stream your music on any Android device, at any time.

Google Play

If you use a Mac or iPad on top of your Android phone, you may be better served with Apple Music over Google Play Music or Spotify. Apple Music offers access to Apple’s massive library of music, as well as Apple’s Beats 1 radio station, which plays both current hits and up-and-coming music. The celebrity DJs and exclusive album streams are just a plus.

Google Play

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