This $40 Lomography camera is a cross between a GoPro and disposable film

Underwater cameras can get expensive, but film company Lomography has a new water-safe option that will sell for $ 40. The Lomography Analogue Aqua feels like a cross between a disposable film camera and an old GoPro, thanks to a clear waterproof case that snaps over the camera. The film camera sits inside a clear locking case that will keep the camera protected down to 33 feet underwater.

Lomography film cameras need no fancy Instagram filters — the brand is known for simple, almost toy-like cameras that create artistic effects with old school techniques. The Lomography Analogue Aqua comes pre-loaded with 35mm film, either Color Negative 400, which creates classic film colors, or LomoChrome Purple, which, as the name suggests, shoots photos with a purple tint.


Designed to be as easy to use as a disposable camera, the company calls the camera a simple-use camera instead of a single-use. That’s because, while the camera is pre-loaded with film, photographers can choose to replace the film and continue using the camera. Another option, the company says, is to re-use the case with another pre-loaded Lomography Simple Use camera.

The camera also includes three color gel flash filters to go beyond the color creativity of the pre-loaded film.

As a Lomography camera — and as a $ 40 camera, for that matter — the camera’s specs are minimalistic and the body, plastic. The lens is a fixed 31mm f/9 lens that will focus on anything farther than roughly three feet from the camera. The shutter speed is also fixed at 1/120. If you’ve kept count, that means the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are all fixed — you can’t change the exposure. There’s actually not even a light meter inside the camera. That may prove problematic for dim conditions and diving underwater too far from the sun.

The film is advanced manually with a winder, but a single AA battery is required in order to power the flash. The camera also lacks a tripod mount.

That’s a lot of missing features — but Lomography is a brand known for taking photography back to the bare minimum to encourage creativity. And the lack of features is indicative of the $ 40 price. Besides photographers that want to infuse that classic Lomography colors into some underwater shots, the camera could be an enticing budget buy.

Shipping begins at the end of May, with pre-orders available from the Lomography website.

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