Tiny Palm Phone Gets Tiny Service Plan

I am dealing with a huge phone right now. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is so huge it makes hands hurt, and so expensive it makes wallets ache; your wireless sommelier would ideally pair it with a top-of-the-line service plan. So when I heard about a $ 5 service plan for a tiny phone, I felt a sense of relief.

The tiny phone in question is the Palm, an eensy little Android phone we reviewed ages ago when it was locked to Verizon. It’s unlocked now, and the precious little thing costs $ 349. That’s not cheap—I’ll get to cheaper options in a bit—but it’s an extremely classy looking little device, albeit with short battery life.

The Palm phone now goes with a $ 5/month plan from perpetually striving MVNO US Mobile, which features 60 minutes of talk time, 200 texts, and 200MB of data on Verizon’s network. This isn’t supposed to be your primary device or your primary plan. It’s an extra SIM you happen to have when you want to be ever so slightly unreachable. The only downside, really, is that now you end up with two SIMs with two phone numbers.

T-Mobile Digits and Verizon NumberShare lets you use multiple devices, including a Palm phone, with one number, but they’re more expensive and require you to be on an eligible master service plan.

If you don’t want to spend $ 349, you can make the process cheaper (if less classy) by hopping down to the $ 259.99 Unihertz Atom or the $ 134.99 Unihertz Jelly Pro.

For now, those aren’t available with the same deal as the Palm; you’d have to build your own plan, which comes out as slightly more expensive for the same service. But US Mobile CEO Ahmed Khattak seems enthusiastic about these sorts of smaller, secondary devices, and he’s a creative guy, so those plans may evolve.

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