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'True Detective' star Stephen Dorff got a kick out of reading season 3 fan theories online, and his dad even had one

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  • “True Detective” is known for its passionate fans and their theories of how a season will end.
  • Stephen Dorff, who played Roland West in season three, got a kick out of reading the hot takes. Even his Dad had one.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from three seasons of “True Detective,” it’s that people have a lot of takes.

The theories that people come up with about what’s going on in the show, and who is the killer is, have become part of the fun of watching. Heck, there was even a hot take in this season’s story arc: the podcaster who visited Wayne Hays thinks his case is related to the one focused on in the first season of the show.

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Stephen Dorff, who played detective Roland West in season three, admits he was keeping up on what people thought, even though most weren’t remotely close.

“The theories they came up with were really funny,” Dorff told Business Insider. “Some people thought the killer was Amelia. I was like, what the f—? My dad thought it was the DA, and I’m like, ‘Dad, c’mon man.’ And I’m sworn to secrecy, I can’t say anything, but it was fun to see people were so into it.”

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Dorff said after episodes aired on Sunday nights he would have to fight off the calls that would come in from friends and family spouting their theories.

It turned out creator Nic Pizzolatto changed it up on everyone, and made an ending that was less about the case the detectives were chasing, and more about the people whose lives it affected.

Though you can’t please everyone with a finale like that, the season itself it was a rebound for Pizzolatto and HBO. Season two was bashed by critics and fans, and many thought this season got the show’s mojo back.

“I really think Nic hit this season out of the park,” Dorff said.

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