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UV-tracking ‘tattoo’ will tell you when to get out of the sun

Regular, everyday tattoos might tell other people about yourself, but they don’t give you any additional information about your surroundings. That’s where a new programmable tattoo breaks the mold. Called LogicInk, it’s a temporary tattoo-style device which gathers information about your UV exposure, and provides you with at-a-glance information concerning whether or not you’ve soaked up enough sun for the day. It does this using a color-changing technology which gradually transitions from white to dark pink (and back again), depending on how much sun exposure you’re receiving. And, yes, it can factor in sunblock!

The LogicInk UV “tattoo” is as simple to use as that, although it will also connect to a mobile app that allows you to scan the wearable to track your historical data.

“Today, wearables tend to be bulky, expensive, with a steep learning curve, and on top of that require other devices to be operated,” creator Carlos Olguin told Digital Trends. “In our view, this results in a multi-sensing experience that is impractical or unaffordable, or simply not visually appealing for many people — yet many people still want to learn more about their body or surrounding environment to stay healthy. In the broadest terms, [these are] the people we are targeting.”


As it turns out, the UV sensor is just step one of LogicInk’s plans. The team is also developing more sensors able to capture and relay information about a wearer’s hydration levels, their blood-alcohol concentration, exposure to pollution, and much more.

We previously covered LogicInk when it was just starting to gauge the interests of customers. Having done this and apparently been pleased with the results, it has now launched on Kickstarter, where it’s already earned more than half its funding goal — with 39 days still on the clock.

A UV sensor starts at $ 14, although other price points are available. This includes a $ 79 option, which allows you to have your say on the designs and features of future sensors that the LogicInk team develops. As ever, we offer our standard warnings about the potential risks of crowdfunding campaigns. However, if you’re aware of these and still want to get involved, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page for more information. Shipping for the first UV sensors is set for November this year. Not that folks in many parts of the world will be expecting too much sun by then!

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