What Do Holiday Shoppers Really Want In a Smartphone?

The Why Axis Most-Wanted Smartphone Features

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us. For many consumers, this means the best time to find a deal on one of the shiny new smartphones released over the past few months.

The Why Axis BugDevice makers are always touting the latest and greatest features in their newest flagship smartphones, but what are the factors that smartphone users actually look for when weighing their options for a new device?

A survey of 1,894 US smartphone owners from market-research firm Morning Consult found that the most important features are still the foundational ones. Respondents, who could choose multiple features, said battery life is the most important smartphone feature, at 95 percent.

Next at 93 percent is ease of use, followed by memory and storage at 90 percent, durability at 88 percent, and camera quality at 86 percent. So although devices like the iPhone XS and Pixel 3 come with plenty of bells and whistles, spec boosts and improvements to the camera, battery life, and user interfaces matter most.

Further down the list, the less important smartphone features for survey respondents were the newer, more gimmicky capabilities. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said fitness-tracking tools are important, and 37 percent identified digital wellness tools such as iOS Screen Time and Google Wellbeing.

Only 33 percent said facial recognition is an important factor, and 32 percent said parental controls are important to them. Finally, 30 percent of smartphone users responded that augmented and virtual reality tools, such as Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, are important considerations when buying a new device.

Oh, and 41 percent of smartphone owners said they would be likely to buy a foldable phone.

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