Which Cell Phone Carrier Should iPhone Users Choose?

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If you’re thinking of buying a phone from this season’s Apple crop, you have a few cost considerations. There’s a decision to be made about whether you should buy a phone outright or finance it with an installment plan (and from who); and then, there’s the question of which carrier to go with.

The Why Axis BugWalletHub has created a cost calculator to help customers maximize their savings, whether they’re shopping for themselves or are in search of a family plan. Buying an iPhone 11 and going with T-Mobile and its own installment plan is the best bet for individuals who want to go with a major carrier. Customers with a family plan will get the best major carrier deal with Sprint.

Those who are holding out for 5G can possibly save the cost of the phone itself in a year by choosing a carrier wisely. WalletHub found that 28 percent fewer people plan on buying the iPhone as compared to last year. By using an older phone and switching to a low-cost carrier, an individual could save over $ 2,000.

Of course, price is not the only thing to take into account when picking a carrier; speed is another. If you want to know which carrier has the fastest network in your area, read PCMag’s Fastest Mobile Networks, which features the results of real-world speed testing across the United States for all the major carriers.

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